Gallery Show

MH Gallery Show: Golden

Feb 23 — Mar. 31

Clr’D (Pronounced “colored”) is an art collective based in Baltimore, Maryland; that focuses on topics surrounding People of Color (POC). In their series “Golden,” Clr’D begins to discuss important issues that most POC experience in their daily lives. Amongst them are cultural appropriation, inaccurate societal perceptions, and the consumption of negative views on black bodies. These are perpetuated from the news and media outlets, peripheral communities, politics, and police forces. In reaction to these notions, this series incorporates both sculpture and mixed media as a way of embracing black identity and black bodies. From natural haircuts to grills in your mouth, “Golden” defeats negative connotations on stereotypical ‘aesthetics’ that are deemed ugly in our society; essentially reclaiming these authentic identities. Our main goal is to create a dialogue through our works that opens the narrative beyond our gallery floors to the community outside. As a collective, we plan to expand and rise with the Baltimore community, using art as the bridge that connects our voices and actions together.

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