Mike McConnell

Mike McConnell

Artist Statement–

Painting allows me to extravagantly spend Monopoly money developing my progress. Head scratchings and revelations keep my funds flush. I’m a lucky parent experiencing many successes and failures as the painting guides me with its needs. I delight in making things. I build cradled wood panels to paint on. The hard surface allows me to aggressively work back into the paint. My process uses single edge razor blades to draw and scrape into the painting with almost the same degree it does applying paint with a brush. I use paint in a collage-like way cutting out shapes. The shapes convert the history I’ve put in the painting into a new conversation. I observe constantly with the eyes of a kitten. Nature is the main course of my visual diet. I paint intuitively but my former career as an illustrator unavoidably finds its way into my compositions. My memories and influences become my harvest.


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September 28, 2017

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