The Asian Arts & Culture Center at Towson University has curated the art exhibition Intricate Layers, on view at Motor House from March 29 through April 31. The exhibition highlights regional artists who are Asian and Asian American and whose works express, illustrate, and address the fusion of cultures, drawing from traditional art forms and memories of homeland, and more. This exhibition continues in the spirit of the Asian Arts & Culture Center’s Asia in Maryland exhibition last fall, which featured the work of Maryland’s First Lady Yumi Hogan.

Intricate Layers (
March 29-April 28, 2019) is part of the Asia North celebration of art, culture, and community. It features works that express the different yet interconnected layers of experiences, histories, and identities of Maryland-based Asian and Asian American artists. Featured artists: Riya Ashby • Mary Champagne • Shanthi Chandrasekar • Cat Gunn • Sony Florendo • Habib Hastaie • Sughra Hussainy •Sunhee Kim Jung• Myungsook Ryu Kim • Paige Dasol Kim • Wanjin Kim • Yeonjung Kim • Alif Laila • Kisook Lee-Suss  • Sahomi Naka •Mika Nakano•  Sookkyung Park • Manzar Rassouli • Rachana Saurabh • Derrick Quevedo • Nahid Tootoonchi • Grace Windheim.

Curated by Nerissa Paglinauan, Asian Arts & Culture Center Program Manager.

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