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The Motor House Gallery is located on the first floor of the building in the lobby.
Gallery hours are during public events or by appointment only.
For more information about exhibiting in the gallery or purchasing artwork, please send an email to

Current Exhibition

Arts Every Day 10 x 10 Exhibit on VOICE

The 10×10 Exhibit on VOICE is designed to spread awareness to issues that both define and connect us all.  Every voice projects the individuality of its speaker. Our voices are incomparable, affirming, and pivotal to our ability to truly bring change into this world. These pieces come from students of all ages and identities, allowing us to open our eyes to new perspectives on many issues.  Each piece is impactful in its own way as students use their creativity to educate, inform, and inspire others as well as themselves to bring about change in their lives and in their communities.

These works show us that change is good, desired and needed.  They reveal what is on the minds of Baltimore City’s youth, how they push their realistic boundaries while acknowledging events going on in the world around them.  These works are a glimpse into our future and what our youth hold to be important and worth fighting for.  What are you fighting for?  How will you use your voice?

Due to COVID19 this exhibition is viewable online only.
Please enjoy the exhibition from the comfort of your home!
Arts Every Day 10 x 10 Exhibition on VOICE


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