Kyeong-Soo Kim

Kyeong-Soo Kim

Artist Statement–

I’m interested in exploring the relationship between what nature shows us and what my mind’s eye wants. Between what is seen and what is imagined. Sometimes my perception or reading of references seem to take precedence; and at other times, nature proves to be a wondrous source of inspiration and I approach my subjects naturalistically. Just to get how things look – to me. Plain and bare.

By nature, I do not just mean the beauty of the wild regions or the bucolic charm of the countryside.  My resources can also be found in the facts and objects and images of my immediate environment. They could be the rooftops of a city, people’s faces, plain forms and shapes, figurative or abstract. I understand the painting process involves looking both outward and inward.

Currently, I am working on cityscapes, and trying to include figurative elements in it. They might result in naturalistic images. Or, I might translate city images as – the combined textures of images put together as a group: soft brush lined form, hard-edged geometric shapes, illusion of brick walls, plain straight lines, and so on.


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September 28, 2017

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