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Nylon Films

Artist Statement–

I was drawn to the world of documentary filmmaking because I wanted to explore ideas and to tell stories. I wanted to give voice to the unheard. I wanted the challenge the status quo. I wanted the world to be a more fair place.

I share the director Saul Zaentz’s conviction that film has the power to change our way of seeing the world and often work with societies’ most vulnerable – failed asylum seekers, families of women murdered by ex-partners, alzheimer’s patients, child “brides” of child soldiers, the newly-released from prison. These are the stories that I am compelled to fight for – the stories of the disenfranchised, forbidden … forgotten … ignored … thrown away people.

In all of my filmmaking, I set out to create a safe place for contributors to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings and openly reveal their unique identity to others via the camera.


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September 28, 2017

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