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The second floor of the Motor House is dedicated to studio and working space for more than 18 individual artists and collectives. With a wide array of talent and experience, Motor House artists represent a cross-section of artistic disciplines and cultural diversity found within Baltimore’s various creative communities. Learn about our current roster of artists below:

Megan Lewis (Senior Artist in Residence) 

Megan Lewis is a professional illustrator. Utilizing various mediums, She aims to create works of art that focus upon stories that reflect a critical view of social, historical and cultural issues. Lewis is a freelance artist living in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, and has recently taken on the role as muralist, her latest mural “Lady Liberty Please Know Thy Self” made national news with singer Alicia keys on A&E Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America. She was a 2014 – 2015 Urban Arts Leadership Member of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (UALP) and a fellow/education assistant at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

Ernest Shaw, Jr. (Senior Artist in Residence)

Ernest Shaw, Jr. was born and has lived most of his life in Baltimore, Maryland. Shaw comes from a family of visual and performing artists. As a youngster growing up in West Baltimore, there was never an absence of influence or inspiration. Mr. Shaw appreciates the support and encouragement of his parents, especially recognizing the fact that it is not easy to raise a child artist. Shaw’s work defines the duality of the African American experience. The artwork exhibits this dichotomy through an array of media and concepts. The most prevalent aspect in the artist’s work is his use and understanding of color and the figure. The figure in his work is a continuation of a rich history of African and African American figurative art. His use of color demonstrates a deep understanding of rhythm taught to him by several West African drum instructors.

Brandi Lewis (Senior Artist in Residence) 

Brandi Lewis is the creator and designer for Syeko Design House. Syeko, is best described as bazaar unexpected fashion that is inspired by God, Glam Rock and Extreme Art. Syeko is the beginning of a new revolution and its garments are made to target the fashion forward clients that express themselves through fabulous and exotic fashions. Syeko also represents thinking outside the box while achieving your dreams.

CJay Philip (Senior Artist in Residence) & Dance and BMore

Award-winning Actress/Singer/Choreographer CJay Philip was in the Broadway productions of Big the Musical, Street Corner Symphony and Hairspray. CJay has toured as Lorrell in Dreamgirls and Paulette in Legally Blonde. CJay is also an accomplished songwriter and playwright with a sold out European run of her adaptation of Carmen. Since moving to Baltimore, CJay has directed productions at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and Centerstage where she is a regular teaching artist. CJay was also director of Marvin’s Trial based o the life of Marvin Gaye presented at the DC Black Theatre Festival. As artistic director of Dance & Bmore, a professional dance company committed to family advocacy through music and dance, CJay has launched a family dance program, FazaFam Family Jam and is a family fitness spokesperson on a series of Baltimore PSA’s. CJay is also a b Grant winner of the 2013 Mary Sawyers Baker Awards.

Kyeong-Soo Kim (Senior Artist in Residence) 

“I’m interested in exploring the relationship between what nature shows us and what my mind’s eye wants. Between what is seen and what is imagined. Sometimes my perception or reading of references seem to take precedence; and at other times, nature proves to be a wondrous source of inspiration and I approach my subjects naturalistically. Just to get how things look – to me. Plain and bare. By nature, I do not just mean the beauty of the wild regions or the bucolic charm of the countryside.  My resources can also be found in the facts and objects and images of my immediate environment. They could be the rooftops of a city, people’s faces, plain forms and shapes, figurative or abstract. I understand the painting process involves looking both outward and inward. Currently, I am working on cityscapes, and trying to include figurative elements in it. They might result in naturalistic images. Or, I might translate city images as – the combined textures of images put together as a group: soft brush lined form, hard-edged geometric shapes, illusion of brick walls, plain straight lines, and so on.”

Shan Wallace (Senior Artist in Residence) 

SHAN Wallace is an award-winning visual artist, educator and freedom fighter from East Baltimore, MD.Inspired by the harsh racial, social and economic realities of her surroundings in Baltimore, SHAN learned about the importance of service, the power of collaboration and the effects of social change at an early age. Now, she uses her lens, collage and in situ installations as the basis of her work, demonstrating the cultural and political narratives of black life, confronting oppressive politics and histories within communities of the African diaspora, and challenging ideas surrounding existing collections and archives of Blackness.

Jazzy Studios (Senior Artists in Residence) 

JazzyStudios, owned by photography duo Jeff and Aisha Butler, started as a result of Jeff Butler’s love of fashion and photography. The studio has grown to include a family of associate photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, wardrobe stylists, models, and more. The studio’s atmosphere has developed a great reputation which has led to JazzyStudios’ growing list of clientele which has expanded to include connections all over the United States and abroad. Over the years, Jeff and Aisha have used workshop-like platforms to encourage and inspire others desiring to fulfill their dreams. They also use their talents to volunteer and give back to causes that strengthen individual lives and communities. Family is very important to them and you’ll very often here them say, “once you come through our doors, you’re family”.

Carla DuPree & City Lit (Senior Artist in Residence)


Deric Emry


Ronald Campbell


Kibian Adams-Greene


Freestyle Media


Rapid Lemon Productions

Rapid Lemon Productions is a theater company governed by the urgent need to amplify new stories and new voices, in an environment where artists and audiences come together to represent the community we serve. We are committed to developing theater art and artists, with particular focus on new writing. We believe in expanding our reach-in the thrill of the untried-in challenging ourselves, each other, and our audiences in the most amazingly rewarding ways we can devise together.

Whatever your background, whatever your identity, and wherever you find your comfort zone-we want to enable what you’re passionate to pursue next. Want to write a play? Want to act? Design? Organize? We have opportunities of all shapes and sizes through readings, play development, and full-scale productions.

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